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Baking It Work!

Talita Setyadi (@talitasetyadi) founded BEAU Bakery in April 2015, after returning from culinary studies at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. What started off with homemade gourmet Italian doughnuts “Bombos”, has since grown into a chain of cafés and bakeries headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

With a commitment to talent development and innovation in producing delicious bread naturally, BEAU Bakery rejects the use of preservatives, dough conditioners, artificial flavors or colors, opting for natural colors and aromas from fruits and vegetables. These commitments have led to paradigm-shifting breakthroughs in the field, igniting widespread interest and demand for artisan bakeries in the city.

BEAU’s rise in prominence can be further attributed to their naturally leavened sourdough loaves. The bakery’s 9-year-old sourdough starter was hand-carried by BEAU’s first recruit Ian Chin (@bakingchin) all the way from his hometown of New York City. Each sourdough loaf is hand-shaped and proofed slowly for 20 hours before they are baked in a steam-injected deck oven. These age-old techniques result in the loaves’ distinctive tangy, open crumb and blistered, dark rugged crust.

A homage to Indonesia’s rich heritage and agriculture, Talita’s use of Indonesian flavors and ingredients in cakes and pastries also add to BEAU’s uniqueness. Some of her creations include “Jajanan” which is a combination of the flavors “Cendol” and “Jackfruit Nagasari”. Another is called “So-To” which is a twist on the traditional flavors of “Soto”, infusing Kaffir Lime leaves and Calamansi lime. Along with “Black Out Eclair” which features “Kecap Manis” or Sweet Soy Sauce caramel. 

In January 2017 Talita served as the President of Team Indonesia at the “Pastry World Cup” held in Lyon, France, during Team Indonesia’s first-ever qualification. Always avidly passionate and outspoken, Talita is an active speaker and educator in entrepreneurship and personal development. Her successes have led her to be a list-maker in 2018’s Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 and Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women, catapulting BEAU's brand to worldwide acclaim.

With a strong and dedicated kitchen brigade composed entirely of Millennials, BEAU is a start-up success story through and through. It has become Jakarta’s go-to brand for artisan bakery products, supplying their authentic sourdoughs and butter croissants to dozens of the city’s top cafes and restaurants.