Upon her return to Jakarta after years abroad, driven by a vision of beautifully crafted bread and pastries, Talita Setyadi dreamt up her ideal bakery. It was an artisanal bakery that respected techniques, ingredients and their customers. An honest pâtisserie that takes pride in their offerings and uses quality ingredients to bring products to their best potential. A professional kitchen that cultivates local, hungry talents that can stand up to overseas competition. Bread and pastries that bring insight and happiness to the masses. A creative outlet where she can share her love of baking.

Her blog “Talita’s Kitchen” is a testament to her passion and talents in creating original cakes and desserts. It later earned her a feature in the prestigious Spanish haute pâtisserie magazine “so good…” amongst the world’s best. Currently based in Jakarta, she featured as a guest chef and judge in RCTI’s Junior MasterChef Indonesia, sharing her love of fine pastry with the Indonesian public.


Beau is the first bakery project by Indonesian pastry chef Talita Setyadi. Inspired by her travels and various sojourns in Australasia, Europe and the US, she sets out to focus her many influences into products that are unique and distinct to her. BEAU focuses on producing artisan bread and pastries of high quality; using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.